Mason City Hall

201 West Ash St.
P.O. Box 370
Mason, MI 48854

P: 517-676-9155   F: 517-676-1330

Office Hours: M-F 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Mason developed as a small village in 1865.  The population has grown to a city of 7,164 people.  Mason is known as a tree city and is the county seat for Ingham County.  The city was named after Michigan’s first governor, Stevens T. Mason.  The people are proud of their parks and playgrounds and the newly updated equipment.

A new city hall was built this past summer where Leon Clark holds the current mayor position.  Deborah Cwiertniewicz is the city clerk since July 2010.  The clerk’s office deals with elections, cemetery records, licensing, and meetings.  The city is proud to announce they are going green and will be paperless.  Everything can be found on their website The city of Mason prides its history and the ongoing updates to the city.


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