Mason High School
1001 S. Barnes St.
Mason, MI 48854

Phone: 517-676-9055
Fax: 517-244-6412

Principal: Lance Delbridge
Assistant principal: Amy Spears

When you pull into the parking lot of Mason High School, you can’t help but feel content and safe. Tucked away in a well-kept Mason residential area, the school had the look and feel that it was well supported and taken care of by its community. Inside, one is greeted by smiles and the friendly faces of staff members, who are eager to share what they love about Mason High School and the community that supports it.

Parent Notification System
If an emergency should occur within the any of Mason’s schools, employees and personnel are capable of sending out a clear message to a student’s parent or guardian by phone, cell phone, email, pager or PDA. Also, last-minute school closings will still be announced through the radio and television stations below as well as the districts website,

WILX – Channel 10 WLNS
Channel 6 WJIM – 1240
WLAJ – Channel 53 WITL – 100.7 WQTX – 92.7
FOX47 – Channel 47 WFMS – 99.1 WWDX – 92.1
WVIC – 94.1 WJXQ – 106

– Lauryn Schroeder


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