County Courthouse

Ingham County Courthouse
315 S Jefferson Street
Mason, MI 48854


Ingham County Courthouse

The Ingham County Courthouse, located at Jefferson and East Maple Street, is a landmark that is hard to miss when driving through the small city of Mason. The building was designed and built in 1904 by Edwyn A. Bowd. The original plan for the building was to merge several offices that were currently surrounding the town square, but today this massive structure contains the county’s head political and business offices.

Named after Samuel Ingham, the Secretary of Treasury under President Andrew Jackson, the building is the current location of the County Circuit Court. William E. Collette is the current Chief Judge that presides over cases.

The register of deeds office, lead by Curtis Hertel, Jr., is one of the many public offices available to the public residing in the building. Here, they collect and hold all of Ingham County’s land restrictions, history, deeds and mortgage documents dating back to 1840. All of these documents are kept as hard copies in the register of deeds vault, but are also available to the public online. Plans located here can include area and layout of the land, drawings or surveys, and subdivision unit planning. Kyle Cobe is the Chief Deputy for the Deeds and can be reached at 517-676-7250.

– Lauryn Schroeder

Murals within the County Courthouse:

North Mural: Jefferson City, a hamlet three miles north of Mason that was originally planned to be the Capital and County Seat.

South Mural: 1850 Mason scene where you can see the first Courthouse on the left, with a stockade fence and the first County Jail in the background.


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