Maple Street Mall’s 3rd Annual Cookie Extravaganza

By Allie Jarrell
Mason News staff writer

Cherry Cheesecake

Christmas cookies arrived early this year during the 3rd Annual Cookie Extravaganza at the Maple Street Mall. The vintage shop, located at 108 W. Maple St., had 20 vendors participate in the event, which took place Dec. 3-5. Each vendor was given an area of the store to set up their cookie display, which was marked by a yellow balloon.

A variety of candy, cookies, brownies and other sweets attracted a large turnout this year according to store manager Debbie Hedemark. She said the event has been popular ever since the beginning, and with almost two dozen vendors, there’s a large variety of baked goods to choose from.

Scott Casteele of Casteele Collectibles with his homemade Macadamia nut cookies

When asked what her favorite part about the event was, Hedemark replied that she likes the fact that many people respond to the advertising. However, she also enjoys the element of surprise.

“It’s nice when people come in and say that they heard about the event through the postcards we sent out in the mail,” Hedemark said. “But it’s also fun when people come in unknowingly and I tell them to help themselves to free cookies! I like both aspects of the event.”

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