36th Annual Mason Christmas Craft Sale

By Allie Jarrell
Mason News staff writer

Ornaments at Mud Creek Crafts

Mason’s 36th Annual Christmas Craft Sale took place Nov. 11-13. It was a weekend of baked goods, unique art and Christmas shopping galore.

Local artists were dispersed between 15 homes, where they displayed and sold their products. Each house had a numbered sign in front that correlated to its description and placement on a map. Several restaurants and other businesses participated in the event by offering discounts and holiday deals.

According to Lisa Oberry of Mud Creek Crafts, their new location on South Barnes Street helped them to get more foot traffic this year. Oberry creates homemade picture albums and cards, and said that the shop’s central location downtown made its products more available to the public. Mud Creek Crafts is a group of seven artists, including local artist Diane Weigelt and Marene Barker who makes gift baskets.

Pat Lange, owner of Sweet Perfections

A local favorite of the Christmas Craft Sale is The Toffee House, located on West Ash Street. Owned by Pat and Paul Lange, The Toffee House is also home to the English toffee company Sweet Perfections.

The Toffee House is home to more than just toffee during the craft sale. According to Pat Lange, they housed 16 other crafters this year, including first-year participant Cathy Bau, who creates a large variety of homemade soy candles and other crafts, which you can find here.

Pat Lange describes what her and her husband do as a mom and pop business, and said that Paul Lange makes the toffee while she does the packaging.

When asked about the old family recipe used for making the renowned English toffee, Paul Lange replied, “Yes, I have it, and no, I’m not going to give it to you.”

For Pat Lange, the best part of participating in the Christmas Craft Sale is “seeing the same customers year after year from all over Michigan and even out of state.”

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