Mason Holds Third Annual Veterans Day Parade

By Lauryn Schroeder
Mason News staff writer

Colonel Terry Fobds stands in front of the Ingham County Court building, where the Mason Veterans Day Parade took place

Hundreds of Ingham County citizens gathered downtown Mason on Thursday, Nov. 11, to watch the third annual Veterans Day parade. Starting at 3 p.m. veterans, bands, color guards, military vehicles, and veteran support organizations, marched from Ingham County Fair Grounds to the Ingham County Court building on Jefferson Street.

Mason resident Colonel Terry Fobds has participated in Veterans Day activities for the last 30 years, and was overwhelmed by the amount of support the community provided. “It’s an honor and a privilege to walk with my fellow comrades every year,” Fobds said. “Citizens remembering and celebrating Veterans Day is so incredibly important. With the war going on right now, American Veterans need all the support they can get.”

Map of Veterans Day Parade Route Through Mason

Rick Dral (Left) and John Ghere stand in front of Ghere's military Jeep that he drove in the parade

Afterward, Legions Rider Rick Dral revealed that several of the parade participants gather at a local bar to share a “convivial hour of meditation.” In other words, the men and women that served our country come together to enjoy each others company and honor those that did not make it home.

“At the moment, there’s nowhere else I’d rather be,” Dral said, outside of the VFW Post 7309. Address and directions seen here. “There’s really no way to describe the feeling I get, when I walk into a room with my fellow veterans. Even if I don’t know them, we automatically share a bond that goes much deeper than most friendships.”

It wasn’t until I entered the VFW Post, that I truly understood what Dral meant. There wasn’t an unfriendly face in the room, and I was instantly asked to join a table with Captain Richard Kumerow, and Denny Craycraft of the Michigan State Honor Guard.

Kumerow and Craycraft have been helping not only the those currently in Iraq, but also veterans from previous wars that have returned home.

“We all have fought several different battles in the war, but the biggest battle that we have to fight is after we come home, working to put our lives back together,” Craycraft said. “We just want to help other veterans, to the best of our ability to do the same.”

Below: Pictures and Video of Interview with Kumerow and Craycraft


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