Folk band ‘Gifts or Creatures’ performs at Bestseller’s

By Allie Jarrell
Mason News staff writer

(From left to right): Bethany Foote, Chris Hamilton, and Brandon Foote

Folk melodies and the fragrance of fresh coffee melded into a sweet harmony last Saturday at Bestseller’s during a performance by the band Gifts or Creatures.

The concert was arranged by the Capital Area District Library’s marketing department, but it was the decision of Mason’s Head Librarian Sheryl Bass to hold the performance at Bestseller’s.

“I’m trying to partner as much as possible with local businesses so that the Mason Library is associated with good things going on in town,” Bass said. “Visibility is really important in smaller communities.”

Gifts or Creatures consists of married couple Bethany Foote on piano and vocals, and Brandon Foote on vocals and guitar. They have joined forces with with Chris Hamilton on bass and percussionist Ty Forquer.

'Gifts or Creatures' performing at Bestseller's

Bethany and Brandon are Lansing residents who are also involved with Earthwork Music, a Michigan collective that advocates for environmental awareness through the arts. They formed the band in January 2010, and are influenced by artists like The Band and Paul Simon, as well as local Michigan acts like Theme & Variation and Steppin’ In It.

“Folk music is deeply rooted in our history as people,” Brandon Foote said. “It’s not only a means of personal expression, but the utmost format of communication. It transcends age, race and gender. Our influences run deep.”

The couple said that they were “thrilled to play for the CADL Concert Series last week.”

“We’re big fans of local business and the local library system. It’s essential to support independent retailers and organizations,” Brandon Foote said. “Knowing where your dollar is going in our world today is key. We have a means to help our local economy flourish when shopping at independent retailers.”

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