Family Fun Night at Aurelius Library

By Megan Baughman
Mason News staff writer

The Aurelius Library

Jenga, drawing, and cookie decorating- the recipe for an elementary student’s dream play date.  Not to mention a popcorn relay race- anything that includes running and popcorn must be fun for young children.  Last Thursday, Aurelius Library helped this dream come true by hosting a “Family Game Night” for anyone to attend.

Kate Dobbs, a library assistant at Aurelius Library, says she likes to put on events like this to bring the community together.  “We did this because we want to be able to reach out to the families in the community and let the library be a place where they can come and have a good time,” she said.  “In addition to using the library as a resource for books and media, just to come and have fun at the library.”

Walking around watching the kids play, there was one boy named Carter who was finding

A few of the board games and cookies

everything fun, even when he didn’t know how to do it properly.  When asked about the two cookies he decorated, which bore multiple colors of icing, he answered, “This one’s a face and this one’s an abstract.  I don’t know which one to eat first!”

Watching the kids play games, decorate cookies, and color pictures of creatures that don’t exist goes to show that Dobbs has a knack at bringing the community of Mason together.

For other events happening at the Aurelius Library, visit their events page.


About Megan Baughman

My name is Megan, I’m 25 years old, and I graduated from Michigan State University in May 2012 with a BA in Journalism, and in 2015 with an MA in Advertising. I’m craft, food & fashion obsessed and, in turn, I run my own YouTube page with all of my ideas! Check out my Etsy store at!
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