Grebner reelected as Ingham County District 10 Commissioner

By Allie Jarrell
Mason News staff writer

Mark Grebner, the Democratic incumbent of Ingham County’s District 10, was reelected as the county’s commissioner following the Nov. 2 election.

According to Ingham County’s official website, 1,305 people voted in the election for the District 10 commissioner. Grebner received 948 votes, about 73 percent of the vote. Republican candidate Nick Kowalski received 352 votes, close to 23 percent of the vote.

Grebner said that during his campaign he mailed out three pieces of literature to roughly 3,000 voters in the area. Since the district is overwhelmingly Democratic and his opponent was “way off on the right,” Grebner was confident that he would remain the District 10 commissioner.

“I’ve been on the Board so long that elections are like mileposts on the freeway,” Grebner said. “They go by, but you don’t have to do something special when you pass one.”

Grebner chaired the Finance Committee this year and will continue to focus on addressing budget issues. He hopes to chair the Board in 2011.

“We’ve just finished a difficult budget, and next year’s will be at least as difficult,” Grebner said.

Kowalski said that he enjoyed the experience of running for office and learned a lot from it. He said that it would have been nice to see a greater student turn out, and that looking back, he would’ve dedicated more time to the ground game, as well as further educating students as to who actually represents their voice in county government.

“I fear that many amongst the MSU community…are not aware of East Lansing’s career

voting for District 10 Commissioner in Akers Hall

politician,” Kowalski said. “The students should hold their public officials accountable for their actions even if they are virtually guaranteed reelection.”

Kowalski’s future plans include attaining his undergraduate degree from MSU, followed by law or graduate school. He said that his interest in public affairs will not cease.

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