Two Mason City Council Members Reelected

By Lauryn Schroeder
Mason News staff writer

Two city council members were reelected Nov. 2. On Tuesday, 5,982 votes were cast. Robin C. Naeyaert was reelected with 1,415 votes (24 percent) and Neal Johnson had 1,174 votes (20 percent). They will serve additional four-year terms on the council.

Despite deciding not to actively campaign until mid-September, challenger Jon Droscha, received 1,363 votes (32 percent), and will be the new city council member. See Droscha’s Facebook Campaign Page Here.

As a former Mason High School student, Droscha graduated with a degree in tuba performance from Michigan State University and founded UDP Recording Services in 2007. See UDP Recording Services Page

Jon Droscha

Droscha has considered running for Mason City Council before, and decided that this was the year to do it. “I had always talked about running for city council, so it was time that I  just went for it,” Droscha said. “I got really tired of certain council members not really listening to what I have to say, and I think the people were looking for some new blood. And I’m it!”

Droscha said he is humbled by the results, and is glad that the citizens of Mason have shown faith in his ability to lead.

Robin Naeyaert

Naeyaert will be serving her third term on the city council, and is looking forward to the next four years with Johnson and Droscha. “Just running for a city position is an excellent experience for any politician and I applaud my opponents in the effort they made this fall,” Naeyaert said. “I am always grateful, and extremely thankful when I get to help make this city a better place for four more years.”

For Naeyaert, one of her most prized accomplishments last term was saving Rayner Park from abandonment. Rayner Park lies in the middle of the city of Mason and the maintenance budget had been cut by the county.
See Map of Parks in and near Mason

“People were literally screaming for us to keep the park,” Naeyaert said. “We worked out an agreement with the county and we have taken the park back under city control.”
See Save Rayner Park Facebook Page Here

Incumbent Leslie W. Bruno Jr. served on the council for four terms, but was not reelected. Bruno said he was not disappointed with the results but will not be running again in the next election for city council. When asked what he plans to do next, Bruno replied, “Kick back.”


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