MSU Sophomore Runs for District 10 Ingham County Commissioner

By Allie Jarrell
Mason News staff writer

Republican candidate Nick Kowalski

Nineteen-year-old Republican Nick Kowalski will be running against Democrat incumbent Mark Grebner for District 10 Ingham County commissioner.

A Michigan State University sophomore, Kowalski is studying political theory and constitutional democracy. He is the appointed chairman of the Michigan Federation of Teenage Republicans, and is running to better represent MSU’s student population.

“For too long, the views of the campus have been subjugated by a grandfatherly figure,” Kowalski said. “As the only candidate that actually lives in the dorms, I believe that I fit the mold of Spartan Country.”

Incumbent Mark Grebner has been District 10 commissioner since 1977. In his opinion, Kowalski may be too right-winged for the students on campus.

The ambitious sophomore hopes to restore a “pro-business” environment -– one that he says would be safe to live, work, and study in. He also promises to keep his fellow Spartans informed by relaying information, specifically voting matters, to them via the internet.

“[Facebook, Twitter, and WordPress] serve as fantastic mediums for posting links to relevant news articles and informing students about the upcoming election,” Kowalski said. “Given that the internet is the most viable way to contact the main demographic that I am concerned with – college students – it would be silly to ignore the power of status updates and tweets.”

Kowalski’s main goal is to enact change – fiscally and economically. His strategy for dealing with budgetary matters would be to initiate sensible cuts, such as consolidation of nonessential administrative services and the potential adoption of a four-day work week.

“To provide relief to taxpayers, I propose that county funds with surpluses, such as the Potter Park Zoo, should be rolled back, thus functioning as a tax cut,” Kowalski said. “As a fiscal conservative – and under the impression that the people know how to best spend their hard-earned money – I would never endorse a tax increase for any reason.”

Kowalski is focusing his campaign on the slogan, “Pick Nick and Rick in 2010,” which refers to Rick Snyder running for governor. Kowalski believes that if Snyder were elected governor, he would repeal the Michigan Business Tax with the help of a Republican legislature.

“Rick Snyder has the mindset to reinvent Michigan, while I have the conviction to enact change here in Ingham County,” Kowalski said. “If elected, I would fight tirelessly for sensible reform. I believe that capable private contractors should enjoy the same opportunities as unions on the grounds of being hired by the government.”

Take a look at Kowalski’s personal blog The Other Side here.

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